FOUR ELEMENTS – A Course in Rituals 1

24-26 September 2021 – Ardennes

A Course in RItuals is a hands-on series of 3 workshops that explore the intricate dimensions of experiencing, devising, and using rituals. This first workshop has as its focus the exploration of the 4 elements as a basis for the crafting of your ritual work. Since the workshop takes place in The Monastery, which is just next to the forest, we will have all opportunities to dig into the earth, enter the river, feel the wind and play with fire.

But we will also address the use of breathing, intention, and body awareness, to allow the integration and designation of the ‘spelling’ work. All rituals are performed in group, so the cohesion and tuning of the energies is key in understanding the movement of the ritual, both inwards and outwards.

It is possible to come to this workshop without taking part in the whole cycle.


Dates: 24-26/9: The Elements / 29-31/11: Rituals of Loss, Death and Letting Go / 10-12/12/2021: Crafting Rituals

Venue: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (Jalhay), Belgium. The Monastery is situated in a beautiful small village in the Ardennes, surrounded by woods and streams. We will make use of this natural environment as often as possible during the workshops.

Time: Arrival 24/9 at 6pm, End 26/9 at 5pm

Payment: 200 for one weekend. 500 for all three. The price includes the workshop and food, and you are free to sleep in the practice space.

Accommodation: You can sleep in the practice space for free. There are mattresses, but you should bring your own bedding. If you prefer sleeping in a (shared) room, please let me know in time so I can reserve you a spot. In that case, you pay 20 euro/night. Sheets are provided. If you like it even cozier: there are a lot of B&B’s, gites and hotels nearby. List on demand…

Transport: Solwaster is situated close to Verviers. If you come by train, we can organize a lift with one of the other participants, or come and pick you up at the station.

Reserve your spot:

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