25-26/2/2023: THE LIGHTNING PATH


28-30/4/2023: SENSUAL MAGIC for BELTANE


18-20/3/2022: OSTARA ritual weekend with LoveLore

26-27/3/2022: WOMB WEEKEND memory&ancestors with Elle

1-3/4/2022: THE GARDEN OF EDEN – Shapeshifting the Spirit of Sexuality, part1 with Elle, Jessica and Renee

294-1/5/2022: BELTANE ritual weekend with LoveLore

6-8/5/2022: THE GARDEN OF EDEN part2 with Elle, Jessica and Renee

19-22/5/2022: DIVINE MASCULINITY with Anand Rudra

28-29/5/2022: WOMB WEEKEND Egg and Wand, with Elle

3-5/6/2022: THE GARDEN OF EDEN part 3 with Elle, Jessica and Renee

17-19/6/2022: MIDSUMMER ritual weekend with LoveLore

11-17/7/2022: SUMMER TANTRA WEEK – Erotic Activism with Elle

28-30/1/2022? Sacred Touch– workshop in Dutch, with Jessica and Renee

24-26/9/2021: A COURSE IN RITUALS 1 – The Elements

3/10/2021: WOMB DAY

22-24/10/2021: (you must be) OUT OF YOUR MIND

29-31/10/2021: A COURSE IN RITUALS 2: Rituals of Loss, Death and Renewal

19-21/11/2021: DESIRING BODIES

26-28/11/2021: WISDOM OF THE WOMB

10-12/12/2021: A COURSE IN RITUALS 3 – Crafting RItuals

3-9/1/2022: THE DEEP DIVE – Tantra practice week