Tantra Sundays in Brussels – March 26, April 23, May 14, June 11 2023

The Urban Tantra days are an opportunity to explore Tantra in an inclusive, hospitable and joyously experimental setting. You are welcome alone, or with a friend or partner. What we practice are the basic tools of Tantric encounter: conscious touch, body awareness and expansion, and we also improvise with the voice and the body in space, inventing rituals on the go.

The Urban Tantra days are an invitation to open up the Tantra vocabulary over the limits of binary prejudice and spiritual cliche, into a realm of open-ended encounter through breath, voice, movement and touch. Every session will develop its own logics, depending on the group that is present.

It is advisable to follow the whole series of sessions, but if that is not possible for you, you are welcome to come just for one day. And see what happens…

Every Urban Tantra Sunday starts at 9.30, and we work until about 4.30 in the afternoon. The Sundays are organized at the wonderful site of the sustainable village Be-Here in Laken (Brussels)


Be-Here, Dieudonne Lefevre, Laken (Brussel) – www.be-here.be




50 euros for the day. For lunch you can find everything you need at the bio shop and other shops downstairs. For a pass for the whole series, you pay 120 euros!

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