Elle Monk

If you landed on this page this means you are interested in tantra and spirituality. Most workshops are organized and supported by Elle, who is running The Monastery Live and the Kaula of Tantra Community. Being a ‘monk’ in this context doesn’t mean leading a secluded and protected life. A Tantric monk is rather an experiment in introducing meditative practices into a ‘live’ context, in the middle of the world, of encounters and of emotional challenges. Elle was an artist and researcher in a previous life, and currently still makes ritual performances for the theatre and other environments. She embraced Tantra as a deeply spiritual way of life, and in The Monastery Live she hosts people that feel the need to deepen their path and to encounter others to do so. Her approach to Tantra is inspired by the ancient texts, and the classical ways of practicing. But confronted with the difficulties of this time, the confusion and overstimulation of the senses, she also adapted tools from drama and shadow work, from body therapy and the arts, to open up the experience to the bodymind conundrum. Her own path led her to experiment death practices, and sexual meditations. The approach of Tantra Community is to open up the tantra practice to a contemporary awareness. Wary of the heterosexual and cultural bias of a lot of tantra environments, we explicitly open up to difference. In orientation, gender, sexuality and cultural background.