tantra weekend – 26-28/11/2021

We come home in this practice of deep, tentative exploration. A work of remembering, opening, and surrendering to a power that lies hidden deep inside. The womb work is a work of mystery and soft awakening. In this space a lot of emotions lie dormant, waiting to be activated and vitalised. In order for us to grow in compassion and insight, in beauty and acceptance.

The womb practice is a challenging and beautiful coming together of bodies and and minds. We encounter a lot of projection, slivers of shame, hesitation and abandon. And together we build the shared womb, this place of safety in which we can confront our deeper selves. Abondoning all prejudice and expectation, we launch into a slow dance of bliss, riding the waves of our own womb stories. With abandon and humour…

Photo by Tomu00e1u0161 Malu00edk on Pexels.com


Dates: 26-28/11/2021

Venue: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (Jalhay), Belgium. The Monastery is situated in a beautiful small village in the Ardennes, surrounded by woods and streams. We will make use of this natural environment as often as possible during the workshops.

Time: Arrival Friday at 6pm, End Sunday at 5pm

Payment: 200 for one weekend.

Accommodation: You can sleep in the practice space for free. There are mattresses, but you should bring your own bedding. If you prefer sleeping in a (shared) room, please let me know in time so I can reserve you a spot. In that case you pay 20 euro/night. Sheets are provided. If you like it even more cosy: there are a lot of B&B’s, gites and hotels nearby. List on demand…

Transport: Solwaster is situated close to Verviers. If you come by train, we can organize a lift with one of the other participants, or come and pick you up at the station.

Reserve your spot: elle@tantra.community

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