1 day workshop – 3/10 – Kerkom (close to Leuven)

The (energetic) womb is a space of mystery, of power, a harbor inside the body that contains a lot of our history, as well as insights of generations that preceded us. Womb work is the work on the memory body, on emotion and grounding. We bring ourselves in tune to our deepest vibrations, to our joy and fear, to our desire and ecstacy. Opening up the space of the womb brings about a lot of turbulations. Therefore the practice is slow and patient. Explorative and deep. But also quite humorous, and tingling with that very particular kind of subversiveness that is owned by womxn all over.

Photo by Belle Co on Pexels.com

In this workshop we will explore womb breathings and the imaginative womb space through mandala work, visualisation and energetic touch. Since this is an energetic workshop, the space is also open to people that currently do not have a (physical) womb but are interested in exploring the specifity of that energetic vibration.


Date: 3/10/2021

Venue: Kerkstraat 14, 3370 Kerkom (Boutersem, close to Leuven)

Time: Arrival at 9.30 am, End at 5pm

Payment: 45 euro, including food

Reserve your spot: elle@themonastery.live

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