SAMHAIN – rituals of loss and renewal – A COURSE IN RITUALS 2

29-31/10/2021 – Ardennes

The Monastery Live is a hands-on place for spiritual practice. And one of the important aspects of spiritual work is to transform your environment into a place of connection, focusing your attention and getting in tune with the world around. Although different traditions have different tools for this work, most of them share some basics techniques, like the definition of the ritual space, the connection with the elements, the incantations/prayers to focus the energy, sharing incantations in singing and movement. Ritual in its most basic sense is transforming our relation to the world, singing it into being through the shift in our attention, which moves our sense of possibility and even changes ‘reality’ as we experience it.

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In this second weekend we face loss and the need to let go of certain things or people, in order to grow and transform. The weekend precedes the celebration of Samhain, the feast of the dead (31/10), in which we honor the people that have left us, and dive into the twilight world of tricksters and spirits (today celebrated as Halloween). At the end of the weekend you can stay for the collective Samhain dinner and celebration


Dates: 29-31/10. Samhain celebration after the workshop on Sunday evening

Venue: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (Jalhay), Belgium. The Monastery is situated in a beautiful small village in the Ardennes, surrounded by woods and streams. We will make use of this natural environment as often as possible during the workshops.

Time: Arrival 29/10 at 6pm, End 31/10 at 5pm

Payment: 200 euro. The price includes the workshop and food, and you are free to sleep in the practice space. If you want to stay for the Samhain celebration, we ask a contribution of 25 euro.

Accommodation: You can sleep in the practice space for free. There are mattresses, but you should bring your own bedding. If you prefer sleeping in a (shared) room, please let me know in time so I can reserve you a spot. In that case you pay 20 euro/night. Sheets are provided. If you like it even more cosy: there are a lot of B&B’s, gites and hotels nearby. List on demand…

Transport: Solwaster is situated close to Verviers. If you come by train, we can organize a lift with one of the other participants, or come and pick you up at the station.

Reserve your spot:

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