BLOOM into LIFE – Intensive Tantra Training


start October 20222 – end July 2023

The new Bloom Training has arrived! Bloom is an intensive Tantra program, aimed at practitioners who want to commit deeply to the practice. Every month we meet for a weekend or a full week of tantric meditations and exchange. The program builds up in three phases:

  1. Know Yourself: in this first part of the path, we work on our ‘sense of self’, both through the sensations of the body, moving energy through our system, questioning our beliefs and convictions, and confronting our limits and needs.
  2. Sacred Connection: the workshops in this part of the training focus on connection to the other. The other both as amirror, as an invitation, as a sensual partner to open up our pores and senses, and as a spiritual gate to the other side. In this work we use our vital energy as a source for transgression (of habits) and change (into our full potential).
  3. Mystical Home: In the last part we practice tantric meditations of coming home to our Selves, to the source of our being. We work on letting go of neediness, and on the clarity to see what is always already there.
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The Bloom program is a hands-on study, in which practice is central. We do breathing work, use the voice as a healing power, work with mantra and energy movement, dive into experimental rituals and tantric yoga work. Little by little we chip away at resistance and stubborn habits, to unveil a world that is as fresh as it is frightening. When our vital energy is released, quite a bit of turmoil might start up in our bodies and minds. Whatever lies hidden under the surface finds its way to the light. In that sense Bloom might confront you with underlying issues and doubts. But at the same time the work is exhilarating, liberating humor and sensuality.

The beauty of the Tantric path lies in its embrace of all that is: the light and the dark, the sweet and the sour, the ecstatic and the deep shit. It is a path for people that live their lives in the middle of the world, with jobs, families and practical responsibilities. In the practice we use everything that you have: your (hidden) desires and fears, as well as your attraction to the light and the spiritual. We ‘feed our demons’ to come out the other side, transformed and humbled by the experience.

Taking part in Bloom means taking on a commitment to be radically honest about who and what you are, in gratitude and with courage. Elle is there to work with you, in a context of trust and connection, to overcome the obstacles as they come. The Bloom is a whirlwind of experiences, of jokes and exchange, of sorrow and bliss, of dance and prayer.

Practically, we will use basic tantra tools like the Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, Tantric Pranayam, dynamic meditations, Buddhist psychology and creative rituals to practice together. The practice is built up in sections of kaula practice of one week, in which we meet and work as a community, taking care of ourselves and the others in a Tantric spirit of sharing, challenge and generosity. The weekends have more of a workshop character and introduce new elements into the group that will then be deepened in the kaula weeks. After every collective weekend you will get some incentives to work at home, alone or with a partner. We will also develop a personal practice for everybody, that is supported in the individual mentorings, and that will become the basis for your individual path.


The training takes place in The Monastery Live in Solwaster, a lovely little place close to Spa in the Ardennes. Some people can stay over there, others might find it more comfortable to sleep in one of the many B&B’s in the vicinity. We will make use of the studio there, as well as the forests around for ritual practice and contemplation. Staying in the studio, on a mattress is free. For a bed in a (shared) room, you pay 20 euro/night.




For all information and reservations:


For the whole intensive training (3 kaula weeks, 6 weekend workshops, individual mentoring: 2300 euro, exceptional reduction for full-time unemployed and students: 1800 euro. Food is paid for at the week(end) – 40 per weekend, 100 for a week.

EARLY BIRD PRICES (payment arriving before the 15th of July 2022:

1800, and 1400 for full-time unemployed or students>

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