WOMB WEEKEND – reconnecting to the Source

26-27 February 2022, Kerkom (close to Leuven)

We come home in this practice of deep, tentative exploration. A work of remembering, opening, and surrendering to a power that lies hidden deep inside. The womb work is a work of mystery and soft awakening. In this space a lot of emotions lie dormant, waiting to be activated and vitalized. In order for us to grow in compassion and insight, in beauty and acceptance.

The womb practice is a challenging and beautiful coming together of bodies and minds. We encounter a lot of projection, slivers of shame, hesitation, and forgetfulness. And together we build the shared womb, this place of safety in which we can confront our deeper selves. Abandoning all prejudice and expectation, we launch into a slow dance of bliss, riding the waves of our own womb stories. With surrender and humor…

Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com

This workshop is the first one in a series of three womb workshops, organized in the beautiful studio of Ingrid, in Kerkom. The second workshop (26-27 March) deals more with ancestors and reconnecting to your lineage, and in the third one (28-29 May) we explore the use of crystals: the yoni egg and crystal wand, to open to our yoni potential.

Price: For one weekend you pay 160 euro, food included (lunch on saturday and sunday, dinner on saturday) If you want to stay over you pay 20 euro pppn.


Dates: 26-27 February 2022

With: Elle Monk will support you in the womb work. Ingrid will host us, and prepare delicous vegan meals and snacks to sustain the practice.

Venue: Kerkstraat, Kerkom (Boutersem)

Time: Arrival Saturday at 9.30, we start at 10am sharp. We end on Sunday around 17h. On Saturday we also have an evening session.

Payment: 160 for one weekend. If you join the three weekends, you pay 400 euro.

Transport: There is a bus to Boutersem leaving from Leuven station, but we can also organize car sharing from there.

Reserve your spot: elle@tantra.community

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