DIVINE MASCULINITY – The Secrets to embody men’s sexuality — with Anand Rudra

19-22 May 2022, Ardennes

The idea of the Masculine is something that has been mistreated in actual times. Modern concepts sometimes move through old frames and create behaviors that we do not always understand. We are living in a post-modern society with different needs that need to be understood.

We will focus on the understanding of how ancestral tantra and new sexology can support the idea of you in your embodied masculine. Be prepared to relearn basic aspects of your intimacy and how you perform sexuality.

We will explore different dimensions of men´s sexuality in order that you can decide if it suits you or not The idea to be in your Divine Masculine is to take you to practice self-empowerment of your intimacy & sexuality.

The tools for this retreat and training are: Tantra Yoga, Breathwork, Energetical Healing, Empowered Meditation, Tantra Massage, and acknowledge of the modulation of sexual energy via your lingam and your bodies of the being.

This training retreat is open for any man with any kind of sexual orientation.


  • Applying Ancestral Tantra Kriya Yoga to discover the masculine in the bodies of the self.
  • Breathwork & touch as via to discover the duality of the masculine: vulnerability & Certitude
  • Understanding the strength of the intimacy throughout the energy and the bodies of the being.
  • Sexual Impulse the base of the masculine. How it works as an empowerment tool
  • Tantra Sacred Touch and the unfolding of the perception as a way to understand emotions, primitive instincts and desires.
  • What is the Masculine desire underneath the idea of Naropa´s Kandros
  • The Shushumna & the Lingam as empowered roots and expansion of the persona & the spirit.
  • Energy Orgasms on the men, the beginning and the end of understanding the Ka & Sexual Energy.


This is a TrueTantra & EATP (European Association of Tantra Professionals) initiative within the Master on Supra Sacred Sexuality, it has the aim to create a safe and professional space to grow within Tantra Science, holistic and shamanic knowledge.

Tantra Science, Holism, and shamanism are disciplines that are interconnected and until now there are just a few initiatives where there is academic, rigor, ethics but at the same time openness & freedom to reach deep knowledge of these practices.

Active Sacred Sexuality Training 4 MEN is a curricular program that is conformed in 2 years of professional training. We have divided the program of study over the spectrum that all the future teachers are prepared to deliver in practical terms and scientific knowledge on different subjects within Tantra Kaula Universe & Active Sexuality.

We know that people have different targets when they decide to start these kinds of studies. This is why we subdivided the program with different options.

Active Sacred Sexuality was conceived to give you the tools order that you can put into action in your private life. but also that you are able to share this knowledge with other people.

We are living in what is called Post-Modern Sexuality. The idea of how we relate to each other has changed in the last two years. Covid had brought to us a human experience like never before. The primordial fears and needs of humanity clash down, as HIV was for the ’80s and 90´s this Virus is for these times. That is why more than ever we need to review how we embrace our intimacy.

This program was created in combination with the main sacred tools of Tantra Kaula; pranayams, ritualism, yoga, meditation & sacred sexuality.


  • The Monastery Live, Solwaster (Jalhay), Belgium. The Monastery is situated in a beautiful small village in the Ardennes, surrounded by woods and streams. We will make use of this natural environment as often as possible during the workshops.


workshop: 350 euro , food: 65 euro for the whole retreat


you can sleep in the studio for free (there are mattresses, but bring your own bedding. if you would like to sleep in a bed in a shared room, you pay 20 euro pppn (limited availability). if you like it more cosy there are plenty of B&B’s and hotels around. Reserve in time though, cause this is a popular tourist site…


The Monastery Live, Route Parfondbois 8, Solwaster. Nearest train station: Verviers

REGISTERING with: Elle at The Monastery: info@tantra.community /

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