Tantra weekend – 25-26 February 2023 – The Monastery Live – Ardennes

Tantra is called the LIghtning a Path: a shortcut on the spiritual journey towards liberation. But often this description is misunderstood. Tantra indeed harbors very potent tools for awakening: intensified breathings, strong visualizations, inner divinity work, energetic movement and the development of the different bodies. But… with this kind of intensity, there is an even stronger need for discrimination: what is what, why am I doing what I’m doing, what is it actually that I am trying to develop?

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In this 2 days introduction, we work with some of the Tantric basic tools for transformation: pranayam or the movement of the vital energy through the breath, the bandha’s or the vital locks in the body that amplify the energetic potential, mantra as a tool for concentration and the deepening of the state of surrender, and an introduction into deity yoga, or the embodiment and surrender to the divine manifestations

For beginners, this is a clear starting point to start developing your own homework practice. Also it helps you to understand what the context is in which this practice makes sense, and supports you in your daily life. For tantra practitioners, this weekend reminds you of the underlying principles of tantra, of the logics of the technology of the tantra body, and of the need for a thorough discriminatory practice.


Dates: 25-26 February 2022, starting at 9.00 on Saturday, and ending at 16.30 on Sunday

Costs: 150 euros for the two days, food included. You can sleep for free in the studio (there are mattresses, but bring your own bedding), or get a bed in a shared room for 25 euro.

Where: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (close to Spa)


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