Tantra weekend, 1-2 April 2023, The Monastery LIve, Ardennes

Spring is full-on, the energy is bursting back into life, and so are our bodies. Let’s take this opportunity to look at nature and tune into the blooming energies all around. Let’s open our bodies for the life force to clean up the stuck energies of winter, of inertia, of mindless wandering…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

‘Raise the Vibration’ is an opportunity to become more aware of the potential of each of us to transform our energy body. Using tantra methods like connecting and tuning – in group and in couple- to move in and out of our habitual bodies and amplify our energetic potential. We use the voice and synchronized breathing to amp up the vibration of the life force. And we dive into dynamic meditations to move through different emotional states. In other words, we experiment our bodies as always-available powerhouses of hope, connection and clarity.

Raising the Vibration is an energetic workshop, but that does not necessarily equal high-intensity states of working. Some of the vibrational movements have a more pronounced water quality, while others play with fire.


Dates: 1-2 April 2022, starting at 9.00 on Saturday, and ending at 16.30 on Sunday

Costs: 150 euros for the two days, food included. You can sleep for free in the studio (there are mattresses, but bring your own bedding), or get a bed in a shared room (no single rooms!) for 25 euro.

Where: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (close to Spa)

Reservations: elle@tantra.community

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