LOVE LORE – 4 day Tantra workshop – all levels

25-28 August 2022 – Ardennes

When we speak about love ‘lore’, we speak about the knowledge that we have about ‘love’. The knowing that has built up over thousands of years in the Tantra tradition. In Tantra we speak about love, not as a craving, a desire for the couple, for fulfillment in the other. Love is rather the deep experience of connection, with oneself, the other, and the Web of Life. This lover, this knowledge, we can build up through practice, through the body, and by opening up the senses.

To love is to enter into a fragile state, into the acceptance of being changed by the other. To love is a petition to become undone: to let go of who we think we are, what we think we can (only) feel, and what we think we can experience.

In this workshop, we enter into the Tantra practice of connection and expansion. We open up the body to expand the mind. We energetically enter other bodies, other realms, and other experiences. To build up understanding and compassion, insight, and strengths.

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DATES: 25-28/8/2022. We start on Thursday at 12, and end on Sunday around 4pm.

LOCATION: The Monastery Live, Solwaster

PRICE: 300 euro (food included)

ACCOMMODATION: you can sleep in the studio for free, of in a bed in one of the shared rooms for 20 euro pppn. (reserve in time, since we do not have a lot of beds)

TO BRING: light, airy practice clothes, sarong, notebook


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  1. Fanny says:

    Is hier nog plaats voor?
    Groetjes Fanny


    1. ellemonk says:

      hallo fanny, ja er is nog plek! als je wilt komen, stuur even een mailtje naar hopelijk tot gauw…


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