19-24/12/2022 – Ardennes

Celebrate the build-up to Christmas in silence, meditating 5 hours a day and spending the rest of the days walking, contemplating the forest, and preparing the Yule ritual on the evening of the 21st, as well as honoring the final week’s ritual of Christmas Eve. Every day you get one ritual task you fulfill, following your own insights. No pre-knowledge is necessary. This Yule week is all about sinking deep into yourself,. Yule is the moment of the Winter Solstice: we embrace the longest night of the year on the 21st, and prepare for the returning light.

On Christmas Eve we come back from the silence, and feast together, sharing food and (symbolic) gifts, enjoying each other’s company and insights from the week.


We start on the 19th of December at 12 noon, and we end with a dinner on the 24th. After dinner, you are free to stay over, leaving in the morning, or you can choose to leave after dinner.


We will sit together 5 times a day for an hour of sitting meditation (at 7am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8.30pm). The rest of the time you can arrange your time as you see fit, working with the ritual task, and doing whatever is needed for you (walking, reading, just sitting, talking to the animals…).


We take care of the house together and cook together, on the basis of a vegan diet.


warm clothes for walking, good boots, a blanket for meditation, crafting materials you have lying around, water bottle.


Recommended donations: 100 euro for accommodation, 120 euro for food

RESERVE YOUR SPOT ON: info@tantra.community


You can sleep in a shared room, all bedding is available.

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