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online tailor-made trajectory

Both on a journey towards a more balanced and healthy life, as in the development of a deeply experienced spiritual quest, the breath is a central ressource. The breath not only regulates your nervous system and the functioning of all your vital organs, but it is also the bridge between the inside and the outside: between you and not-you. It is the breath that, in a very direct way, connects you to the world, and literally invite this world inside.

Using techniques from Tantric Yoga (using bandha’s and rhythmical breathing), Healing Tao (using the Healing Breaths and other techniques) and other traditions, we can make you more aware of how your breathing is influencing your current life. Depending on your personal preferences and inclinations, we can develop a personalized breathing program for you, which after the initial learning period, you can implement into your daily life. Every session contains different breath techniques aimed at sustaining you throughout your life: energizing breath, or techniques that bring your activity down and help you turn inwards. Breathing combined with movement or mantra to work on vitality, anxiety, depletion, insight or other focus points. Through the breathing you will become more conscious, and more tuned into the beneficial qualities of your breathing, and more able to adapt your breath to the requirements of the situation.

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