MABON – Fall Equinox

Ritual and ceremony weekend: 23-25/09, with Elle Monk, Ardennes At Mabon, we acknowledge in gratitude the fruits of our harvest. And at the same time, we start preparing for the dark times ahead. This weekend we integrated the Dark and the Light, in celebration of what we achieved, and acceptance of what is to come….

LOVE LORE – 4 day Tantra workshop – all levels

25-28 August 2022 – Ardennes When we speak about love ‘lore’, we speak about the knowledge that we have about ‘love’. The knowing that has built up over thousands of years in the Tantra tradition. In Tantra we speak about love, not as a craving, a desire for the couple, for fulfillment in the other….

BLOOM into LIFE – Intensive Tantra Training

6 WEEKENDS – 3 WEEKS – 3 INDIVIDUAL MENTORINGS AND PERSONALIZED FOLLOW-UP start October 20222 – end July 2023 The new Bloom Training has arrived! Bloom is an intensive Tantra program, aimed at practitioners who want to commit deeply to the practice. Every month we meet for a weekend or a full week of tantric…