TANTRA SUMMER WEEK – Vibrant Connections, with El_Lore

3-9 July 2023, Ardennes

To connect in truth, in full presence, in full awareness. To connect to yourself in honesty, with acceptance and gratitude. To connect to the other without prejudice, in open embrace and trust. To connect to the word with gratitude, insight and compassion. Is that not what this path is about? But how to practice this?

In this workshop, we surrender into connection. And for that we clean up our minds, let go of cobwebs and expectations, and come to stand up, truly naked, to be seen and to see what is in front of us.

This workshop is open to anyone that has a genuine spiritual interest, and a special interest in the yoga of connection, that is Tantra. We will work through some of the Tantra basic techniques in breathing, touching, visualization, mantra and energetic work. If the weather permits, we will be working a lot in the forest, and enjoy fully the wonderful support of the earth, water, wind and life sparks the summer has to offer. Starting with a beautiful full moon ritual to set the tone…

Photo by Simon Berger on Pexels.com

PRACTICAL: the workshop takes place from 3 to 9 July 2023, starting on Monday at 2pm and ending on Sunday around 4pm

WHERE: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (Jalhay) in the Ardennes

PRICE; 500 euros, food included

ACCOMMODATION: You can sleep for free in the studio or get a bed in a shared room for 25 euros pppn.

RESERVATION: elle@tantra.community

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