SURRENDER with El_Lore

23-25 June 2023, Ardennes

The core of Tantra is…. surrender. Falling backward, into the arms of the practice. Letting go of your preconstructed ideas about yourself, and what it is that you want, you need, you project, you covet. Falling backward into ‘original intimacy’: a simple, quietly ecstatic acceptance of all that is, with you embedded and embodied in the whole. This is a challenging work in these times, when most of us want instant results, spectacular experiences and predictable surroundings. In these uncertain times, we long for safety. And at the same time, we crave becoming more free from rules and norms and being pushed around.

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Tantra is a practice that asks you to surrender. To let go of what you believe. To let go of ideas that keep you locked up in your own righteousness. To let go of who you think you are. That is frightening and makes you doubt. Is what I want really what I want? Do I actually still want to practice my spiritual path, if it means I might not be snugly curled up in my habits and beliefs?

The reward of letting go, is that there is nothing more to hold on to. The prize for trusting the deeper connection is, that you always are already home. In this workshop, we practice exactly that. The quiet ecstasy of connection. The subtle homecoming in the Self. The stepping out of habit, neediness and projection.

In practice, we learn to trust our own bodies and the company of others, by sharing meditation, breathwork, touch, and visualizations. A lot of the work will be focused on losing your boundaries, by expanding your body perception and blending into others and space. Come with an open mind, and ready to dive deep.


WHEN: 23-25 June, starting at 6pm on Friday, and ending around 5pm on Sunday

WHERE: The Monastery Live, Solwaster (close to Verviers)

PRICE: 220 euros, including food

ACCOMMODATION: you can sleep for free in the studio, or get a bed in a shared room for 25 euros pppn.


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